UX sketching

Why do you want to sketch anything on paper when it is so easy to turn to Figma or Photoshop and produce pixel perfect assets within seconds? Well, you want to do it because it actually improves your design. A problem that is visualized is a problem that is halved. When you sketch on paper you are one step closer on using brain power, not software to solve design problems.

To me sketching is an essential part of being a designer. It is just you, a pen and a piece of taking the first baby steps towards solving a problem and creating stuff. Doodling a concept of the back of a napkin is how every great product should start.

Being able to sketch is not about being able to draw. It is just as much about learning techniques, a visual vocabulary and having confidence in your own skillset. UX sketching is closely related to graphic facilitation or sketchnoting. But I would still argue that it is a topic on its own. UX sketching is all about problem framing and problem solving aiming for one end goal: To build a product with a great user experience.

UX sketching also opens your mind to the concept of low fidelity versus high fidelity. You start by investing nothing but brain power in your visual concepts our prototypes. This is as low as it gets. You can discuss a prototype with your stakeholders without anyone thinking that this is carved in stone and will be the final product. Early prototypes eases communication and invites everyone (also users) to engage in the content.

October 12 2021 I am hosting a full day UX sketching workshop on World Usability Congress.

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